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Spanish Idioms – Lost in Translation Series – Volume 1 – ¡Qué Animales Somos!

Spanish Idioms – Lost in Translation Series – Volume 2  – ¡Esto Es La Leche!

Would you like to take your Spanish to the next level? Do you need further practice, dexterity and confidence with Spanish idiomatic expressions? Are you preparing specific topic areas for your exams and need to improve your range of vocabulary and expressions?

Spanish Idioms –  Lost in Translation Series is an idiomatic expressions practice book collection written in Spanish for intermediate and advanced Spanish language users. All Volumes contain a variety of activities ideal for the introduction, integration and application of Spanish idiomatic expressions in a range of practical contexts. All tasks are presented through the medium of Spanish and answers are included in the book.

Volume 1 features the following topic:  Animals.

Volume 2 features the following topic: Food and Drink.

Each volume contains:

  • 100+ illustrations
  • 80 examples
  • 50 idiomatic expressions
  • 50 definitions
  • 28 animals (Volume 1)
  • 44 food and drink items (Volume 2)
  • 50 sets of exercises
  • 100+ gap-filing tasks
  • 75+ matching tasks
  • 30 multiple-choice tasks
  • 30 writing integration tasks
  • free bonus activities
  • solutions provided
  • target language only
  • personalised support available

Master your Spanish Now!

Spanish for Students – Exam Prep Spanish 

Test Your Vocabulary Series 

Volume 1. El Medio Ambiente

Would you like to maximise your chances of obtaining high grades? Do you need further practice, dexterity and confidence with Spanish exam questions? Are you preparing specific topic areas for your exams and need to improve your vocabulary?

Exam Prep Spanish – Test Your Vocabulary Series is a vocabulary practice book collection for intermediate/upper intermediate Spanish language users. All Volumes contain a variety of vocabulary practice activities ideal for exam preparation which cover essential topic and language areas for students of Spanish:

  • Antonyms
  • Collocations
  • Definitions
  • Independent reading
  • Parts of speech
  • Sentence, paragraph and text comprehension
  • Synonyms
  • Writing integration

The exercises come in a variety of formats and involve tasks required to be successful at a variety of exams in Spanish:

  • Collocation, sentence, paragraph and essay writing
  • Elimination
  • Grouping
  • Matching
  • Multiple choice
  • Sentence and paragraph completion
  • Skim, scan and detail reading
  • True/false
  • Word formation
  • Word partnerships

All exercises are presented in context and answers are included.

Volume 1 features the following topic: The Environment.

Master Your Spanish Now!

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Very enjoyable and informative

A very enjoyable and informative language textbook. It is easy to read and absorb the new vocabulary.

By Amazon Customer

Beautifully illustrated…kids love it! 

A lovely little book that the kids really love while learning about the countryside and languages.

The illustrations are beautiful and really encourage to love nature.

By Isabel

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Spanish for Kids – Mi Jardín Series 

Mi Jardín Volume 1 - Spanish for KidsMi Jardín 2 - Spanish for KidsMi Jardín 3 - Spanish for Kids
Kids 6-9

Mi Jardín Series is now also available in downloadable PDF format, get it here. Mi Jardín Series invites you to discover didactically vocabulary and phrases pertaining to the garden. Each book offers opportunities for language discovery, exploration and consolidation through a variety of contexts, tasks and games in Spanish. Learning and fun in equal proportions.

Download the set now and enjoy it with your little ones!

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