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Spanish for Kids

Un Día en el Espacio / A Day in Space AUDIO

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Spanish for Kids – Un Día en el Espacio / A Day in Space AUDIO

Are you looking for a book written in Spanish and English with audio in Spanish?
Are you looking for an engaging and educational book?
Are you looking for a book for monolingual and multilingual kids?

Un Día en el Espacio / A Day in Space AUDIO invites you to discover didactically vocabulary and phrases pertaining to outer space. The book offers opportunities for language discovery, exploration and consolidation through a variety of contexts, tasks and games in Spanish and English with audio in Spanish. Learning and fun in equal proportions. Get it now!



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Contenidos / Table of Contents

Spanish: 1. El Espacio Exterior Contexto Práctica 2. Tecnología Contexto Práctica 3. Medios de Transporte Contexto Práctica 4. Vistas desde el Espacio Contexto Práctica 5. Actividades en el Espacio Contexto Práctica 6. ¿Recuerdas? Vocabulario y Expresiones Ortografía 7. ¡Ahora Tú! Taller de Escritura 8. Para Saber Más Ampliación de Vocabulario 9. Inventario Vocabulario y Expresiones Ilustraciones Texto 10. Rompecabezas Sopa de Letras Nube de Palabras English: 1. Outer Space Context Practice 2. Technology Context Practice 3. Means of Transportation Context Practice 4. Views from Space Context Practice 5. Activities in Space Context Practice 6. Do You Remember? Vocabulary and Phrases Spelling 7. Your Turn! Writing Workshop 8. To Know More Vocabulary Extension 9. Inventory Vocabulary and Phrases Illustrations Text 10. Puzzles Word Search Word Cloud 11. Acerca de la Autora / About the Author Perfil / Profile Publicaciones / Publications Contacto / Contact 12. Agradecimientos / Acknowledgements and Attributions Diccionarios / Dictionaries Herramientas de Manipulación de Texto / Text Manipulation Tools Ilustraciones / Illustrations


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