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Be my Valentine – Mi Valentín Enamorado

English and Spanish Text with Spanish Audio Guide


Be my Valentine – Mi Valentín Enamorado is now available on Amazon Kindle Store.

Are you looking for a Valentine book written in English and Spanish? Would you like an engaging and educational Valentine gift for monolingual and multilingual kids aged 6-9?

Be My Valentine / Mi Valentín Enamorado invites you to discover didactically vocabulary and phrases associated with this special celebration. The book offers opportunities for language discovery, exploration and consolidation through a variety of contexts, tasks and illustrations in English and Spanish. It includes Spanish audio guide.

Learning and fun in equal proportions!



Be my Valentine (English text) Saint Valentine’s Day – Saint Valentine’s Gifts – Animals’ Gifts –  Animals in Love – Do You Remember? – Your Turn! Mi Valentín Enamorado (Spanish text + Spanish audio guide) El Día de San Valentín – Regalos de San Valentín – Los Regalos de los Animales – Animales Enamorados – ¿Recuerdas? – ¡Tu Turno! About the Author / Acerca de la Autora Agradecimientos / Acknowledgements and Attributions


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Happy Valentine to everyone!

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