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Lost in Translation Series



Spanish Idioms – Lost in Translation Series – Volume 1 – ¡Qué Animales Somos!

Spanish Idioms – Lost in Translation Series – Volume 2  – ¡Esto Es La Leche!



Would you like to take your Spanish to the next level? Do you need further practice, dexterity and confidence with Spanish idiomatic expressions? Are you preparing specific topic areas for your exams and need to improve your range of vocabulary and expressions?

Spanish Idioms –  Lost in Translation Series is an idiomatic expressions practice book collection written in Spanish for intermediate and advanced Spanish language users. All Volumes contain a variety of activities ideal for the introduction, integration and application of Spanish idiomatic expressions in a range of practical contexts. All tasks are presented through the medium of Spanish and answers are included in the book.

Volume 1 features the following topic:  Animals.

Volume 2 features the following topic: Food and Drink.

Each volume contains:

  • 100+ illustrations
  • 80 examples
  • 50 idiomatic expressions
  • 50 definitions
  • 28 animals (Volume 1)
  • 44 food and drink items (Volume 2)
  • 50 sets of exercises
  • 100+ gap-filing tasks
  • 75+ matching tasks
  • 30 multiple-choice tasks
  • 30 writing integration tasks
  • free bonus activities
  • solutions provided
  • target language only
  • personalised support available

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