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Cada beso perfecto aparta el tiempo,
le echa hacia atrás, ensancha el mundo breve
donde puede besarse todavía. 
Pedro Salinas


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Quarterly Digest – Issue 8 – April 2018




Welcome to our Quarterly Digest – April 2018.

In this issue, we are pleased to share with you our highlights from the months of February, March and April 2018.

We hope you find our free interactive activities useful, benefit from the best quarterly deals and enjoy our recommended reading.


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In this Issue

Editorial      –      Nature Nurtures, Nurture Nature      –    February 2018      –      Featured Language Learning  Activities: Idiomatic Expressions – Expressions with Animals  –     Our Polls      –      March 2018      –     Entropy Publishing: Book Releases & Offers – Exam Prep Spanish – Test Your Vocabulary Series: El Medio Ambiente –      April 2018      –     El Rincón de lo Bello: La Voz a Ti Debida (Versos 388 a 424) – Pedro Salinas –    Product Reviews      –      Consultancy Services      –     Subscriber Benefits      –    Previous Issues       –      Thank You


Nature Nurture, Nurture Nature

We are delighted to share with you in our April 2018 issue our featured Quarterly Digest Nature Image and  Quarterly Digest Nature Quote.


Quarterly Digest Nature Image – April 2018


Asteroidea – Sea Star

Photograph: MCaviglia (2005)

“Beyond their distinctive shape, sea stars are famous for their ability to regenerate limbs, and in some cases, entire bodies. They accomplish this by housing most or all of their vital organs in their arms. Some require the central body to be intact to regenerate, but a few species can grow an entirely new sea star just from a portion of a severed limb.

National Geographic (2018)



Quarterly Digest Nature Quote – April 2018


Photograph: Pixabay (2018)

My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.
— Michelangelo



February 2018


Featured Publications


Mi Jardín 1: Spanish for kids – Español para niños 

Mi Jardín 2: Spanish for kids – Español para niños 

Mi Jardín 3: Spanish for kids – Español para niños 


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Free Interactive Activities


Song Lyrics in Spanish – Joaquín Sabina – Calle Melancolía

Poetry in Spanish – Mario Benedetti – Por Siempre

Poetry in Spanish – Miguel Hernández – Waltz of Lovers – Vals de los Enamorados


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Featured Language Learning Activities 



Spanish IdiomsExpressions with Animals



Task 1 – Choose the correct answer.

Question 1.1.

Question 1.2.

Question 1.3.


Task 2 – Which animal is associated to each of the idiomatic expressions below?


A. fish-1406664_1920     B. scented-monkey-1197100_1920     C.   german-shepherd-404089_1920     D.  elephant-84186_1920



Task 3 – Match the idiomatic expression to its meaning.


From Spanish Idioms: ¡Qué Animales Somos! (Lost In Translation Series nº 1) Kindle Edition by Cristina Higuera Martín




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March 2018

Featured Publications

Test Your Vocabulary Series – Volume 1 El Medio Ambiente

Lost in Translation Series

Spanish Festivals Series

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Free Interactive Activities

Best spanishlanguagebites of the Year – 2017

Poetry in Spanish – Vicente Aleixandre – Se Querían

Spanish for Kids – Lunita the Sea Star – La Estrella Lunita

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Entropy Publishing: Book Releases & Offers



Exam Prep Spanish – Test Your Vocabulary Series: El Medio Ambiente  Kindle Edition by Cristina Higuera Martín 


Would you like to maximise your chances of obtaining high grades?
Do you need further practice, dexterity and confidence with Spanish exam questions?
Are you preparing specific topic areas for your exams and need to improve your vocabulary?

Exam Prep Spanish – Test Your Vocabulary Series is a vocabulary practice book collection for intermediate and upper intermediate Spanish language users. All Volumes contain a variety of vocabulary practice activities ideal for exam preparation which cover essential topic and language areas for students of Spanish:

– Antonyms
– Collocations
– Definitions
– Independent reading
– Parts of speech
– Sentence, paragraph and text comprehension
– Synonyms
– Writing integration

The exercises come in a variety of formats and involve tasks required to be successful at a variety of exams in Spanish:

– Collocation, sentence, paragraph and essay writing
– Elimination
– Grouping
– Matching
– Multiple choice
– Sentence and paragraph completion
– Skim, scan and detail reading
– True/false
– Word formation
– Word partnerships

All exercises are presented in context and answers are included.
Volume 1 features the following topic: The Environment.


Amazon Kindle Format

This book is available via Amazon on the following devices:

Kindle Tablets & Reading Apps


Fire Tablets




April 2018 


Featured Publications

Mis Mascotas – My Pets

Lost in Translation – Spanish Idioms

Spanish for Kids – Un Día en el Espacio / A Day in Space AUDIO

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Free Interactive Activities

Food & Drink – Study Guides – Idiomatic Expressions

Spanish for Kids – La Lombriz Curvitas / Worm Little Curves

Spanish for Kids – Animals – La Abeja Dulcinea


-You can complete some of these activities here.-



El Rincón de lo Bello

Welcome to our section in Spanish, dedicated to all that is beautiful. In this Issue, we are delighted to share with our readers La Voz a Ti Debida – (Versos 388 a 424) by Spanish poet Pedro Salinas.


(Versos 388 a 424)

Yo no necesito tiempo 
para saber cómo eres: 
conocerse es el relámpago. 
¿Quién te va a ti a conocer 
en lo que callas, o en esas 
palabras con que lo callas? 
El que te busque en la vida 
que estás viviendo, no sabe 
mas que alusiones de ti, 
pretextos donde te escondes. 
Ir siguiéndote hacia atrás 
en lo que tú has hecho, antes, 
sumar acción con sonrisa, 
años con nombres, será 
ir perdiéndote. Yo no. 
Te conocí en la tormenta. 
Te conocí, repentina, 
en ese desgarramiento 
brutal de tiniebla y luz, 
donde se revela el fondo 
que escapa al día y la noche. 
Te vi, me has visto, y ahora, 
desnuda ya del equívoco, 
de la historia, del pasado, 
tú, amazona en la centella, 
palpitante de recién 
llegada sin esperarte, 
eres tan antigua mía, 
te conozco tan de tiempo, 
que en tu amor cierro los ojos, 
y camino sin errar, 
a ciegas, sin pedir nada 
a esa luz lenta y segura 
con que se conocen letras 
y formas y se echan cuentas 
y se cree que se ve 
quién eres tú, mi invisible.

Pedro Salinas (1933)

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