Featured Book Review – Language Together – Spanish Set 1 + English Set 1

Featured Book Review

Language Together – Spanish Set 1 + English Set 1


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Featured Book Review
Language TogetherSpanish Set 1 + English Set 1
by Germaine Choe http://languagetogether.net


Language Together - box-set1-english Language Together - box-set1-spanish


The Language Together series of books is an effective resource for very young Spanish and English learners, incorporating content and a teaching methodology that is elegant in its simplicity.



Presentation and Layout

Physically, the books are well designed: they are a manageable length, their dimensions make them easy for young children to hold and use, and the entire set can easily fit into any shelving space. Moreover, the ratio between text and illustration is also well balanced, with a single line on each page providing one target word or phrase for children to learn.


The books’ use of Spot Color Immersion Method™ is excellent, highlighting the target language on each page in the same colour as the object it denotes in the illustration, which enables learners to assimilate key vocabulary and phrases more quickly. In addition, the Sets have been specifically designed to enable parent participation, as the discrete inclusion of translations (English – Spanish) and online access to native speaker audio means that no prior knowledge of the target language is essential.


It is also impressive how the cheerful illustrations allow for a deeper engagement with the story, including small details and implications that parents and teachers can draw childrens’ attention to.


The inclusion of idiomatic ‘fun phrases’ is also an intelligently calculated move, drawing as it does on the enthusiasm of young children who will want to repeat the phrases again and again in the context of their own lives, thus ensuring that they practice their language skills with little need for additional encouragement. Furthermore, content is delivered in the form of a straightforward narrative that children can easily follow, and it is commendable that the stories are underpinned by a clear set of values including family, fun, humour, and an interest in the world at large.


Overall, Language Together Spanish Set 1 and English Set 1 provide children with an introduction to Spanish and English that is both light and fun, immersive and effective, and which would fit neatly into any language curriculum.



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